Dedicated service


Whether you’re a business, an industrial site or a private home, handling your waste management is a difficult task. For commercial enterprises, simply handling day-to-day rubbish removal can be a massive task in itself. At Phoenix Waste, we understand that everyone has different waste removal needs – and we’re dedicated to meeting those needs.


Skip Bin Hire


We can provide skip bins in a range of different sizes, and will work with you to figure out what type of skip is best for you. We carry models suitable for everything from domestic use, up to larger bins suitable for commercial, industrial and even construction and demolition purposes. Skips with doors, for easy, safe access, are also available.  Our bins come in sizes of:


  • 2m3
  • 3m3
  • 4m3
  • 7m3
  • 10m3


Waste Removal


With a wealth of experience in the industry, our team of rubbish removal specialists provide residential, commercial and industrial clients in Lismore, Ballina, Casino, Byron Bay and the surrounding Northern Rivers area with a range of services, including:


  • General waste disposal
  • Rubbish recycling and recovery
  • Commercial waste solutions
  • Skip bin hire
  • Frontlift waste services



Our skips are an easy, reliable solution to your waste disposal needs. Whether you need them regularly, or just as a one of service, we’re here to help you. We can provide prompt, regular pick up and delivery of our skips, and pride ourselves on our friendly service, fast turnaround times and our flexibility.


Industrial waste services


Our team has all the knowledge and experience necessary to provide efficient, effective solutions to your industrial waste needs. In 2010 we introduced our frontlift waste service which provides waste disposal solutions for commercial and industrial businesses. With bin sizes including 1m³, 1.5m³ and 3m³ bins we can cater for businesses of all sizes and all waste types including bulk dry waste, wet putrescible waste or cardboard and paper recycling.


Our frontlift service caters for a range of business from small family businesses to large corporate industrial sites or shopping centres. Former and current customers include national brands such as Streets, PFD, Landmark and Petstock


This service covers the townships of Lismore, Ballina and Casino and all areas in between. Services can be set for multi – weekly, weekly, fortnightly or on call.


Just call our friendly staff for more information.