What size Skip Bin should I choose?


The skip bin size you choose depends on three things. The type of waste, the weight and size of the items and where it’s placed. Start by thinking about the biggest items you’re discarding and work your way from there.


When it comes to bins, bigger is not necessarily better, but you may find that once you get started you have more waste than you initially thought. Most people tend to underestimate the amount of waste they have, so you may find it’s better to go up a size, rather than having to order a second bin later. Make sure you’re familiar with what can go in a skip bin before you start loading.


The final thing to consider on size is where you’re going to place your skip bin. Are you putting it in your driveway? On the road? The footpath? If it’s going on your driveway, you may want to measure the width to make sure you have enough space. And remember, if you plan on placing it on the street or footpath, you may need a council permit.


Skip Bin Sizes

A photo of the range of skip bin sizes we have for hire.